Consciousness transformation is truly the fundamental position out of which we see the world.
— Marilyn Schlitz

how the program works

My Love Bomb is an eight week process that combines the best of online learning with in person community and experiences for creating lasting change in your life.  

It is designed to assist you to bring or deepen the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific principles of choosing love into your life, relationships, and body. 

  • We provide you with a worldview education on choosing love over fear so that you can see how it relates to every aspect of your life.   

  • You will learn repeatable habits for making this a lasting lifestyle that can benefit you for years to come.

  • Our commitment is to get you connected to the clarity you need for taking the next step of your journey.

Our next session is February 5 - March 30th, 2018.  Registration is open here.

As humans beings we have literally infinite potential but we are blocked by an infinite self imposed limitation. The only limitations we really ever have are self imposed.
— Joseph Chilton Pearce

your weekly rhythm for the eight week process

feb 5 - march 30, 2018;


Join the first Monday Night Kick-Off Community Call with Dr. Rhea

The very first Monday of the program Dr. Rhea will kick off your program with a community call for all participants.  This will set you up with what to expect for the duration of the program.  You will also get to connect to and feel the greater circle of women going through the program outside of your area.

On Sun, Mon, or Tues of each week watch your weekly video lesson on the philosophy and science of love.

These curated videos arrive each week in your inbox and feature experts from the Love Bomb film including Gabrielle Bernstein, Kute Blackson, Elena Brower, Bruce Lipton, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin, and John Welshons. You will move deep in to the principles introduced in the film, presented in such a way that you will explore how you want to make them your own.   Move through layers of what love means, looking at it from every angle and how it relates to every aspect of your life, relationships, and health.  



During your video lesson you will be guided to complete your worksheets for examing how what you have learned applies to your life.

This layer of the program offers you space for personal reflection, growth, and step by step worldview change from fear to love. This intentional inquiry will help you to steer your life into the future in a way that builds more harmony in every area of your life, including aligning with your deepest purpose.   You will identify where you want to build change, how you want to bring more love into your life as a "love bomber", and begin step by step actions for doing so.

Wednesday or Thursday

Attend the in person portion of your program with the group that you have selected in your city. (See registration page for current cities.  Don't see your's?  Consider bringing it to your city through the 2018 My Love Bomb Facilitator Training Experience).

In this 1.5 hour in person facilitated group process  you will get to move from the analytical side of your worldview change into the somatic, heart based portion.  This is achieved through unique experiences designed to bring spiritual ideas into realities so that they can become tangible in your life right now.  These are created by Dr. Rhea inspired by her work in professional modern dance improvisation and choreography, acting, and yoga teaching and designed for the total  novice. These small groups, of maximum 10 persons, are facilitated by My Love Bomb Graduates who have gone on to complete the My Love Bomb Program Facilitator training.  They offer peer to peer guidance as members of your community that are also dedicated to choosing Love over Fear.  During the course of the program EVERYONE is going through the program, from facilitators to students, so that there is no one "up on a podium."  We recognize that we are all in progress and that some of us have developed the skills to powerfully help lead the way along the journey.


Receive a weekly recap video message from Dr. Rhea in your inbox and head into the weekend integrating what you have experienced, and ready for the next layer.


Are you ready for positive change?

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As we shift our own energy as an individual, we can have a radical impact on the world.
— Gabrielle Bernstein