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Welcome to Week 4:  The Freedom Of Choice

“To me consciousness transformation and the whole worldview shift come when we own our responsibility as interconnected agents helping to birth something that is much more sustainable than what we are living in right now.” – Marilyn Schlitz

This week we are going to  look at the traumas in our lives as potential inspiration points for how we might choose to give our love bombs to life.

In essence, we are taking a step (or two) towards claiming an empowered view on some of the darkness we have experienced so that we can heal one more layer, and move forward liberated to give of ourselves to the world as love.

There is good news.  You will not be asked to share about your traumas inside of the groups or the calls this week.  We are not going into a process of reliving anything, we are simply inviting a quiet moment for you of reflection as you do your worksheets.  Please do remember to bring your program binder to the group for continued personal guided self-reflection time.

This week’s group experience will be the most quiet and personal you have been through as we honor the privacy inherent in healing and viewing some of the tenderest parts of our hearts and lives.  The focus will be uplifting however, and deeply touching, as you begin an innate journey to connect to who it is that is meant to receive some of what you have to give to the world.

Thank you for trusting in this process and for your willingness to claim an empowered view.  There is someone out there just waiting to receive what you have to give. - Dr. Rhea

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Week 4 Worksheet (Click on the Image to Download or Print)

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Week 4 Affirmation (Click on the Image to Download or Print)

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