The "My Love Bomb Program"

Is An 8 Week Immersion For Women Looking for Healing, Connection, and Fulfillment.

The most profound result from the My Love Bomb Program was relaxing into myself and truly embodying that who I am is enough (Deep breath)! It’s just that simple; with good intentions, an open heart, and an abundance of love, I can be a love bomb of life, for life!

— Alicia Fernandez, Registered Nurse and Momma

It started as a film,...

and became a transformational movement.


the "my love bomb program" is perfect for a woman who is ready to,...

Reconnect to her inner truth

Find a bridge from where she is now in here life to where she wants to be

prevent or recover from burnout

Gain Clarity on big decisions

Experience a newfound depth in her relationships

Cross The threshold of fear into the next step of her dreams

Does this sound like you?

Are you ready to join a tribe of women who also strive to embody,...

  • Unconditional Love And Acceptance 

  • An Empowered Worldview

  • Finding and Giving Their Gifts To Life

  • Uplifting Humanity
  • Embracing The Gifts Of The Past To Build A Powerful Future

  • Knowing You Are Enough, Right Now, As You Are

  • The Power Of Forgiveness


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the "my love bomb program" is the perfect step to help you to create the changes you are looking for.

You can take a step out, essentially into nothing, and something always forms underfoot.
— Joseph Chilton Pearce