Enter, Evolve, Emerge, Engage.


At My Love Bomb we know that peace, connection, healing, open-heart living, and divine gifts are not reserved for a special few.  They are innate in all of us.  The My Love Bomb Program is an 8 week immersion for women looking for healing, connection, and fulfillment while giving their gifts to life.  Each group is facilitated by a woman alongside of you who is dedicated to this authentic path and process.  With weekly at-home curriculum components, mind/body practices, and small group in-person guided experiences curated to coordinate mental concepts, somatic awareness, and coming home to one's own inner guidance system.  In 8 weeks we enter, evolve, emerge, and engage.

Runs Feb-March & Sept-Oct. Annually.

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You can take a step out, essentially into nothing, and something always forms underfoot.
— Joseph Chilton Pearce